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PPM Mouthguard - Calgary, Alberta


While neuromuscular dental philosophies are not revolutionary, what is REVOLUTIONARY is how this technology is now being used by athletes around the world. From high profile professional athletes in North America, to track and field stars down under, PPM mouthguard is changing what athletes are doing to enhance their game. 


Welcome to our website designed to provide you with basic information about the new revolution in athletics. Browse through these pages to see for yourself how this can change the way you do sports.  This is NO ordinary mouthguard...this IS an engineered athletic enhancing device. Welcome to the world of PPM.


We are a dental practice devoted to the most advanced technology available to patients. Neuromuscular dentistry is what we do. The addition of a powerful new product for athletes to enhance their athletic performance is the focus of this website.



PPM Mouthguard Provider
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